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Yuan Shikai became President in April 1912. In view of the complexity of coinage and banknotes, the current Chinese and foreign currencies were more than 100 kinds, with different specifications, confused circulation, cumbersome conversion, and people's complaints. At the same time, the Beiyang government decided to use currency restructuring to solve the military expenditure problem, so it decided to coin the national currency. In order to improve his dominant position, Yuan Shikai took the opportunity to cast his head on the surface of the coin, from which "Yuan Datou" came. The first time that "Yuan Datou" was minted was three years in the Republic of China, and the coin was designated as the currency of the Republic of China. Therefore, it has a very important position in the history of Chinese coins.



[Title of Collection]: Yuan Datou tried to coin coins in the three years of the Republic of China


[Category]: Coins


According to historical records, Yuan Datou was very rigorous in manufacturing, regardless of weight or color, there is a fairly strict management。 Not only will samples be sent to the "Finance Department" for testing every week, but the Bank of China will also send commissioners to inspect them at any time。 The unqualified ones will be melted down in situ and will never be accommodated。 As a result, every remaining "Yuan Datou" is a fine product。 In the silver coin collection circle, Yuan Datou is also known as the treasure of silver and yuan, which is the most influential silver variety among nearly 1,000 kinds of silver coins in China。 The popularity of "Yuan Datou" silver dollar has promoted the unification of silver dollar, laid a solid foundation for "abandoning the two to transform the circle", and has great collection value。


The front of the three-year trial coin of Yuan Datou in the Republic of China is a military portrait of Yuan Shikai half-body and side. The six characters of "three years of the Republic of China" are listed above. The coin has clean face, clear money, neat font and strong strokes. On the back of the coin, there are two Jiahe reciprocal patterns, the lower tie belt, the Jiahe grain is clear and delicate, rough and fine, with strong sense of hierarchy; in the center, there is the word "one circle" coin value, and in the outer ring, there is a straight tooth edge. This coin purse is naturally thick, exquisitely carved, with uniform lines, smooth and natural, neat and neat font, elegant and handsome, which shows that the craftsman's carving technology is very superb. The whole coin design is simple but elegant, concise but unique, very exquisite, the coin copper quality is fine, the shape is regular, very delicate and beautiful, part slightly worn, trial coining, no circulation in the market use, because the first casting, with silver instead of copper, copper water cooled by machine casting and die, so the trial coining is contemporary. The finished sample is a reference for subsequent silver coins. The coin is bright in color, excellent in appearance, natural in pulp, moderate in depth and decoration, and has high artistic appreciation and collection value.


"Yuan Datou" is known as the treasure of silver yuan in the money collection circle. It is the most popular and influential silver yuan among nearly 1000 kinds of modern silver coins in China. It is also an important role in the reform of modern Chinese currency system. Because it is a real currency, between people's recognition of precious metals, and a strong sense of historical and cultural identity, so the collection is not in the minority. "Yuan Datou" has a strong cash flow ability, which is also one of the factors favoring Tibetans, and "Qian" scenery is good.








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